Absolute Cycling

The smartest and most accurate cycling computer in the world. No complicated controls, just you, your bike and the ride. Because cycling is supposed to hurt your body, not your mind.

Absolute Cycling Bicycle computer


  Accurate within 2 meters, even after losing satellite connection.
  Shows what you need to know, when you need to know it.
  Works for 20 hours without needing a re-charge.

Designed for your bike

  No external sensors needed
  Easy to mount on any bike
  Designed by David Lewis Designers

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Meet the inventor

Harm Giesen is an industrial product designer with a passion for cycling. He’s been working on the Absolute Cycling APT technology since 2015. Recently he joined forces with Maarten Tjallingii, Henk Berg, Remko Berg, John Vader, Jacco Bouwman and many more talented individuals who all share the same passion for cycling and will help bring the smartest cycling computer to life.